About Us

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Our History

It all started with a random match at a competition called Smart City Challenge hackathon in November 2018 when the existing team got new members and ”the idea” started growing into today’s product.

Our Vision

Enable all people plant cultivation in their own home regardless of time and weather conditions by providing them a technological advanced solution – the automatic grow box system – thus reducing dependence on supermarkets

Our Future

Constant improvement and contribution to solving the global food production problem by providing new optimal solutions.

Apart from the automated grow box system, we also offer design, implementation and monitoring services for various sustainable solutions in the field of Environmental Protection!

Why Choose Us?


Young, talented, enthusiastic and dedicated to providing the best solution to our clients.


We listen to the needs of our clients and adapt solutions according to their wishes.


We design a product that allows you a wide variety of plants to grow inside – vegetables, spices or even weed!

Meet Our Team

Ivan Knezovic

Software and Hardware


Zvonimir Jukic

Chemical Engineering


Medina Banjic

Web and Mobile


Selma Kovo

Graphic Design


Petra Salopek

Finance and Marketing